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Backend Developer (Backoffice)

As Backend Developer within VanMoof's Research & Development (R&D) team, you'll take the lead in developing our digital bike platform and help to bring it to the next level. In this role, you'll be shaping the future of biking with the creation of the next generation of connected e-bikes. We believe that the digital bike platform is where a lot of the 'smartness' of our bikes shines through.

With our backend capabilities expanding, we're looking to bring the expertise required to develop our digital bike platform in-house. You'll be working closely with different engineers; from firmware engineers optimizing the bike electronics, to API developers creating secure scalable APIs to app developers who will implement innovative features in the app, thanks to your backend code.  

You'll need strong decision-making skills to balance technical decisions with understanding trade-offs. You'll also work closely with stakeholders, and evolve systems while keeping everything running. We expect you to bring solid experience in automated testing to create the processes that will help us deploy with confidence.

What you’ll do:

  • You’ll take ownership of our digital bike platform, create requirements and test plans, and review and write code.

  • You’ll work closely with our in-house multidisciplinary team (this includes firmware, app developers, QA, POs, designers, and the bikes).

  • You’ll help develop the strategy of the platform including roadmap and technology choices.

  • You’ll collaborate with our external partners in the development of the platform.

  • You’ll Improve our bike platform by making sure it's ready to scale as we grow.

What you'll bring:

  • You have several years of experience in building high traffic web applications, addressing the entire stack from infrastructure to development.

  • You have a passion for the best design and coding practices and a creative mindset to develop bold new ideas.

  • You have hands-on experience with DevOps/Systems architecture tasks such as creating cloud architectures for highly scalable applications, and applying automation such as testing, deployment, and routing.

  • You have solid experience with working with external teams.

  • You have strong problem-solving and communication skills.

  • It is not required that you have experience with all the technologies we use, but you should be familiar and comfortable around them. The following bullet points are the technologies that we work with currently. Experience with these languages and/or frameworks is a plus.

  • PHP, using Laravel as the framework.

  • Internet of Things/Data – our bikes generate large amounts of data that we handle in our backend systems.

  • High Availability architecture, including message buses, event-driven systems, redundancy in hardware, computing clusters, and using cloud platforms.

What you'll get:

  • 26 paid holidays for you to unwind

  • Your very own VanMoof bike (lend-lease)

  • Pension by BrandNewDay

  • Laptop, screens, and software tools

  • Insider experience in a rapidly-growing international company

  • Healthy lunch provided when in the office

  • Special snacks, tasty coffee (and lots of tea) when in the office

  • Weekly Bootcamp, Weekly Yoga, OneFit discount and ClassPass credits.

  • Discount on Dutch health insurance

About us:

We’re making it our mission to get the next billion on bikes. Truly city-proof, our rides shrink long commutes, scare off bike thieves, and amplify your pedal power. We’re riding the future together. Are you in?

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