Employment type

Bike Mechanics Team Lead

The Bike Mechanics Team Lead is the head of the Bike Doctor team for a specific VanMoof service location. You are responsible for making sure the strategy set-out by VanMoof HQ is carried out in that location, and keep track of the KPI’s that reflect the strategy of HQ.

  1. Overseeing the day to day operations of a VanMoof service location, keeping track of the bigger picture and managing the workforce accordingly.
  2. Analyzing all the work processes involved in the aforementioned locations, to increase the efficiency and output in all steps of these processes. This all with KPI’s set-out as backbone to monitor these.
  3. Writing out all of these processes into training platforms (together with the Assistant Chief Bike Doctors and the L&D department of People Team), standard operating procedures and manuals to be able to implement these changes in all current and future training/onboarding.
  4. Pro-actively checking in with all Bike Doctors to ensure all procedures are still up to date and relevant and assess whether they need to be revised. To be able to adjust before things go wrong or work piles up.
  5. Feedback loop RnD and escalations loop to make sure that we can improve our bike and ensure that we act quickly and accordingly when we see room for improvement

What you’ll do


  • Turning your local workforce into a team to be reckoned with!
  • Coaching and training the Bike Doctors in these departments, together with L&D, to ensure we are making optimal use of the Human Resources we have available in these locations. Not only to decrease marginal operational costs, but also to increase the cultural development of these locations. In the end improving the productivity of each individual team member.


  • If we want to control and increase the output in all our physical locations across the globe the processes need to be aligned. The systems and products these locations are working with are all the same, besides some cultural differences, all of the processes should therefore also be the same. It is your responsibility to flag any in-congruencies or necessary adjustments with VanMoof HQ before proceeding, this to ensure that we can implement these in other locations as well if necessary.
  • Meaning it will be easier to adjust these processes in the long run as they all come from the same foundation across all VanMoof service locations.

Delivering KPI’s

  • Lead-times for repairs, both appointment and drop-off.
  • Productivity of the team, amount of bikes repaired per Bike Doctor per day.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings on several online platforms, including but not limited to: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What you’ll bring

  • 2-4 years of (bicycle) workshop management experience.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Have experience hiring and growing a team.
  • Experience in monitoring and steering teams towards KPI’s.
  • Preferred Certified bicycle mechanic or the equivalent in work experience.

What you'll get

  • 24 paid holidays for you to unwind
  • Gross Salary of EUR 3.136,- / month
  • Pension plan by Brand New Day
  • Your very own VanMoof bike (lend-lease)
  • Laptop, screens, and software tools
  • Insider experience in a rapidly-growing international company
  • Healthy lunch provided when in the office
  • Special snacks, tasty coffee (and lots of tea) when in the office
  • Weekly Bootcamp, Weekly Yoga + Classpass Credits
  • Discount on Dutch Health Insurance

About us

We’re obsessed with cities. So are our bikes. Truly city-proof, they shrink long commutes, scare off bike thieves, and amplify your pedal power.

We made it our mission to get the next billion on bikes. Join us on this journey.

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Our perks

An international team, with colleagues from all over the world

Friday drinks, special parties, BBQ’s and many other shenanigans

Fresh, healthy lunch prepared every day. Snacks, coffee, and tea.

Discount on your health insurance

Commute compensation, if the distance is too far to bike

Weekly bootcamp fitness sessions and morning yoga classes

VanMoof Talks – learn from inspiring industry speakers

We’re a Dog friendly office

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