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Bike Hunters

VanMoof Bike Hunt Report: October

The Bike Hunters are no stranger to danger, but their latest adventure pushed them right to the edge. Dive into the murky world of organized crime as the Hunters chase down a truck full of stolen Electrifieds on the mean streets of London.

Sure, being a VanMoof Bike Hunter might look exciting, but sometimes it’s actually pretty terrifying. Just ask our in-house special operations team after they returned from their latest nail-biting mission in London. What seemed like an easy job (it always does…), proved to be one of their toughest challenges yet.

The team mobilized when they were tipped off about a truck full of VanMoof Electrifieds being intercepted by professional bike thieves. Hopping on the next flight to the UK capital, our Hunters decided to use the oldest trick in the book – pretending to be buyers looking for a bargain-price VanMoof.

Things were looking up when they met a potential seller, who was typically cagey about where the bike came from. Our Hunters arranged a meetup to seal the deal, but the integrated tracking must have spooked the seller, and he ghosted our undercover agents.

After that, it became an urgent game of cat-and-mouse, as the Hunters chased the truck’s cargo all over the city. With so many bikes to keep track of, it seemed like the team might go home empty-handed. But just when it seemed all hope was lost, the Bike hunters picked up a strong signal from a nearby housing estate.

What happened next? Watch the full video to find out.

Does the thought of someone stealing your Smart or Electrified send you into a cold sweat? Peace of Mind Service to the rescue! It’s our ironclad guarantee that we’ll recover your bike in the event it gets stolen.

How does Peace of Mind theft protection work? Simple. When you report your bike stolen in the VanMoof app, we alert our ruthless Bike Hunter team to track it down. If we can’t recover it for you within two weeks, we'll replace it with a bike of the same (or better) age and condition.