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The 411 on the VanMoof app: All you need to know

The 411 on the VanMoof app

You might be a whizz at all-things-tech or have no idea where to start – either way, our all-you-need-to-know guide to the VanMoof app will get you up to speed with your bike, the app, and all it can do for you. From enabling the touch unlock (bike or spaceship? You decide) to how to get in touch with someone from our Support team – our app is your go to.

Unlocking your bike

So, you already know that you can unlock your bike via the app and your back-up code but did you know that there’s a touch unlock feature too? Having the auto-lock switched on means that your bike will sense when you’re close by – simply press the handlebar button to unlock and go. Found on the ‘settings’ page in your app, this is the perfect feature for those riders who find themselves in a rush on Monday mornings. And before we forget, for our riders using iOS 16, we have two words for you – screen widgets. Add the app to your screen widgets to see your battery level and unlock your bike directly from your lock screen.

Making a repair appointment

Gone are the days when you needed to open up your laptop, log-in to your My VanMoof account via the world wide web (or in some cases, spend a good 5 minutes trying to remember your password) to book an appointment for your bike. Now – yep, you guessed it – you can now book an appointment via the app. Just click on the ‘help’ section, and you’ll be directed to our planning tool. Go ahead and choose the type of appointment you need and the drop-off location. You’ll be sorted in seconds.

Customize your gear shifting

We’re the first to know that not all cityscapes are the same. Some have more bridges (we’re looking at you Amsterdam) or the most traffic lights in the world (what’s up, New York). That’s why gear shifting should be in the hands of our riders. Choose how you’d prefer to shift your gears, or let the bike do the work for you in the ‘settings’ section in the app.

Getting in touch with our Support team

On the move but want to get in touch with our Support team? All you need is your phone. Head to the ‘help’ section of the app, and click on ‘start chat’ and follow the steps to be put through to a member of the team.

My rides

We don’t choose favorites, but if we did, this might be it. Whether you want to track your each and every ride and the number of kilometers you’ve crunched, or you’re interested in knowing your overall weekly ride statistics for your city, then head to the ‘rides’ tab.

Become a Beta tester

Want to be the first to try out new app features and tell us what works and doesn’t? Well, now you can. Head to the profile section on the app (click on garage and then top right corner) and click ‘join as a Beta user’. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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