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Bike Hunters

Casablanca: The One That Got Away

Casablanca: The One That Got Away

When the tracking signal of a stolen VanMoof SmartBike jumped back on the radar in Morocco after mysteriously going silent a year ago, our Bike Hunters revved up the chase (and got more drama than they bargained for).

The Bike Hunters had tracked the stolen SmartBike all the way from Paris to Casablanca, only to watch it slip through their fingers at the last minute. One year later, a VanMoof rider in Morocco got in touch for technical support. Routine stuff. But when we checked his frame number, it matched with the stolen VanMoof. Wait, what?! The Bike Hunter squad jumped an international flight, hoping to catch the thief red-handed.

With a local undercover cop as back-up, the Bike Hunters set a trap for the thief by posing as VanMoof Bike Doctors in Casablanca to fix the bike. In a twist, the thief turned out to be a victim of a bigger bike smuggling plot, and agreed to lead our Bike Hunters to the dealer who’d sold him the stolen bike. The wild-goose-chase ended in a warehouse suspiciously full of off-market bikes.

Following the Casablanca mission, VanMoof is helping local authorities crack down on the large-scale bike theft organizations operating in France, Morocco and beyond. With a new Bike Hunting recruit guarding the watch in Casablanca (and our Parisian VanMoofer sitting pretty on his new SmartBike), our Bike Hunters are back at VanMoof HQ. Planning their next mission, of course.

Valerie Lewis

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Valerie Lewis helps VanMoof speak human, makes a mean piña colada and loves getting caught in the Dutch rain.