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My 14 minute commute in New York

Asif is a gynecologist at the Brooklyn Hospital Center. Specializing in medical robotics, he believes in the integration of technology into daily life. We joined him for his Electrified S2 commute from Clifton Hill, to DeKalb Ave.

Before buying your VanMoof, you’d just bought another bike then returned it. Why the change of mind?

The theft protection promise made all the difference for me. I’ve had three bikes stolen and it’s devastating, not just because it’s my main way to get around... but because it’s my baby, my pride and joy. When I buy something I always do a ton of research, and I make sure to take good care of everything I own. So when the worst happens, it’s absolutely terrible.

This kind of anti-theft guarantee is unheard of, especially in New York. It almost sounded too good to be true. Some insurance does cover bikes, but it’s always a lot of hassle, and you never get your bike replaced. You can promise everything, but if you don’t come through in the end it’s totally useless. VanMoof really stands by their promises, and you can see that in the Bike Hunters and customer service – it really makes a difference.

"The Peace of Mind really does make all the difference – I shouldn’t be delivering a baby thinking, “is my bike still there?”"

You were waiting in front of our Brooklyn brand store at 8am to collect your VanMoof – what got you so excited?

It’s true, I’d just finished a night shift, and I waited until the brand store opened to see if my bike was there yet. I was like an Apple fanboy waiting to get the latest phone. But, why not? It’s a similar product. You’re not reinventing the wheel, but you are upgrading it for modern life. We’re in this movement where technology can really enhance the things we use every day. It’s what the best brands are doing now – always looking for ways to improve.

As long as people get behind these companies, we’ll become more aware of our own behaviour, and challenge our norms. We need to go back to the essence of products, and ask ourselves, “does this give me what I want?” For me, getting around in cars has become a real hassle, and that’s not what I need in life. I want to get around in a better, more efficient way. For me, that means the Electrified.

"It’s a product that challenges current behaviour, and makes us aware of why we’re doing what we’re doing."

Asif is riding a Fog White Electrified S2.

Peter Gigg

About this author

Peter Gigg is VanMoof's resident Brit. He enjoys writing, running, and remaining in the EU.