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My 48 Minute Commute in Hamburg

My 48 Minute Commute in Hamburg

Knut is a clinical psychiatrist in Hamburg, and rides 30 kilometers every day on his Electrified S2. We joined his 48-minute commute from Altona-Nord, along the Hamburg Airport and ending in Langenhorn to discover why good design means more than just looks.

You saw your first VanMoof five years ago, what made it stick in your mind?
The geometry, the integrated lights, the style of the frame... it was really striking. They’ve been playing on my mind ever since I saw one. I later spotted newer models with built-in chains, which I thought was a great idea. And the X2 frame – I love it so much. You look at it and at the first blink you know it’s a VanMoof, even though it looks completely different. It’s so iconic.

Form follows function – the Bauhaus principles. The shape of the bike reminds me of that, the clean geometry and philosophy."

Why did you switch from a ‘normal’ bike to the Electrified S2?
My old bike has a lot of history. It was kept by the Berlin Senate after the blockade by the Russians. If they’d ever run out of means of transport or gas, they could still cycle. That’s what makes it special – it’s a beautiful thing but it’s still durable and functional. To me, VanMoof carries that same philosophy into the future.

What does riding with VanMoof mean to you?
Every time I see someone with a VanMoof, I stop to say hello and ask how long they’ve been riding. It’s special. The way I understand VanMoof is that it’s not about just making a bike, but trying to really change the way people commute and get around. It’s about shrinking cities, attacking distance. I’d never have thought that I’d be riding 30 kilometers daily, but now I can’t imagine life without it.

“Maybe in 30 years you will look back on the change in mobility, and you’ll say that this was a turning point for people who live in cities and have a certain distance to cover. I hope so, I hope it will be part of this history.”

Knut is riding a Fog White Electrified S2.

Peter Gigg

About this author

Peter Gigg is VanMoof's resident Brit. He enjoys writing, running, and remaining in the EU.