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My 14 minute commute in San Francisco

After moving from Montreal to San Francisco last year, Delphine was struggling to ride up her new home’s hills. We discussed how the Electrified X2 empowers her to get around town, and took a ride along the harbor to her house – at the top of a classic SF hill.

You initially found it quite difficult to get around your new town. How did you end up with the Electrified X2?

I don’t have a driver's license, so I’ve always relied on public transport – as well as walking and cycling. When I moved here, I planned on mainly using public transport. But I quickly found that the standards here just aren’t the same as Montreal – you can’t rely on it at all. I had to find a new way to get around.

SF is a tech industry hub, so people are really into electric transport, and this was top of mind. I’ve looked at electric scooters, Jump bikes and other bikes you can rent. They can be a good solution... if you don’t need to use them regularly.

But for me and my daily commute, it was different. I don’t want to be searching for a bike every morning, especially during rush hour. It’s just time wasted. Having my own bike that I could rely on makes a lot more sense. Of course, you still have to think about theft—my colleague had four bikes stolen in one year— but Peace of Mind means I really don’t have to worry

I don’t want to be searching for a ride every morning. Having my own bike makes a lot more sense.

Let’s talk a bit about those killer hills.

The hills around here are brutal! In front of my house there is one mega hill – even walking up there is super challenging. Luckily I have the Turbo Boost now, so I can just press a button and it feels like nothing at all.

But it’s not only that hill. Even though San Francisco is relatively small by US standards, it can be quite challenging to get from one neighborhood to the other. Going from Noe Valley to North beach, you hit some major inclines. Having an e-bike makes your city way more accessible – the hills can’t stop me anymore.

"Having an e-bike makes your city way more accessible, the hills can’t stop me anymore."

Delphine is riding a Thunder Gray Electrified X2.

Peter Gigg

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