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Rider Stories

Rider Stories: Cédric – Perspectives on a city

Meet Cédric. He’s a nurse, based in Paris – and he’s nearly always on call. With Cédric’s frantic lifestyle, speed is of the utmost importance. And that’s where riding comes in.

Cédric’s mission is simple: he wants to ease people’s pain and help them get better. After tragically losing his Mother, he felt a sense of powerlessness which led him to become a nurse. He soon joined the Red Cross where he trained to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Now at 49 years old, he thrives on the relationships that his job allows him to build and nourish. He loves meeting new people, even if only for brief moments. It gives him positive energy as he helps them get better and sees them improve. But when the going gets tough, he has to be fast. And riding helps him do just that.

“I wake up early, and then I jump on my bike and I speed off for the day. It can have up to 25 patients a day, and I jump from flat to flat, apartment to apartment, from patient to patient. I’m up and about all day, everyday.”

He sees his bike as a trusty aide in his work around Paris: “The bike is my assistant, my faithful assistant,” he tells us. “I have two things I can count on in my job. One is my watch, the other is my bike with the boost button – without it, I am nothing.” For Cédric, human interaction is at the center of everything. And the key to happiness is to be proud of what you are doing and to create meaningful connections when doing it.

Not only has his work allowed him to understand people better, but it’s also given him an unmatched knowledge of the city he lives in. He talks of Paris candidly: “It’s part of me. It’s in my heart.” He also hopes that within the next 10 years, Paris will become a bike city. He believes that if more bike lanes are implemented, it allows him to become more efficient in his work and able to take care of people more speedily.

Over the pandemic, Cédric’s role has become even more crucial. He carries vital blood and PCR tests to patients, and then back to the laboratory. Appointments are almost constant, and he’s under immense pressure to deliver in the required time slots. However, his spirit has never been dulled by the circumstances, and he continues to work hard and find real meaning through his duty.

“I’m proud of myself and what I did.”

In the series Rider Stories, we explore perspectives on living and working in cities and beyond through the eyes of our riders.

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