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Pop-up City Guide: Edinburgh

Pop-up City Guide: Edinburgh

We know that test rides make a difference. And we want as many riders as possible to see how the VanMoof S3 & X3 can transform their cities. That’s why we’re boosting our brand store reach with an international network of pop-up test locations. In our new blog series, we’re zeroing in on our latest cities – and taking you on an insider-only ride with the local team.

Hello VanMoof fans, we’re the Edinburgh team! That’s Richard, Richard, and Thomas – easy to remember, but hopefully hard to forget. We’re introducing the VanMoof S3 & X3 to the locals of Scotland’s great capital. Hey, you can even ride the X3 in a kilt.

Edinburgh is the perfect place to ride the Vanmoof S3 & X3 – we have crazy hills, cobbled streets, and wind blowing in every direction. It's a beautiful city, but it can be tough going for cyclists. So once we had the S3 & X3 unboxed and ready to go, we couldn't wait to get out and flatten those hills.

Our home town is usually bustling with tourists at this time of year, making the most of the last days of the Edinburgh Festival. We went out to enjoy being tourists and see our capital from their point of view – relaxed and sweat-free.

We started down at the Scottish Parliament. It opened in 2004, and is accessible to the public. You’ll find it next to Holyrood Palace – the Queen's Scottish home. All the major world leaders have visited, and it's a really peaceful place to ride around, enjoying the sun and sculptures.

For lunch, we rode across town to The Meadows, a huge public park in the town centre by the university. It's a student hub, so it’s always full of action, and you’re guaranteed to find the best street food in town. With no cars around, you can really play with the bikes and try out all their features – while watching out for pedestrians, of course.

Our next stop was Edinburgh Castle. This iconic landmark is a medieval site of power, hewn from stone 350 million years old, with a history of great battles, witches, ghosts, kings and queens, and even pirates. It's like riding your bike through a Game of Thrones scene.

Our ride back to the shop took in the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Roman Colosseum. Or at least Ednburgh's versions of them – the Scott Monument and Calton Hill. Back in traffic, the "hilly" setting in the E-shifter really helps you to keep moving and makes light work of the area’s stiff climbs.

And how many cities can claim to have their own volcano? Arthur's Seat is a long-extinct volcano and now a small, rugged mountain overlooking the city centre. There’s also a closed road for cyclists that goes all around it. At five kilometres long and with more than 150 meters of inclines, it's the perfect place to test the Turbo Boost and fly past the lycra-clad carbon road crew who are straining up the hills! We blew our VanMoof party horns and got some smiles in return… as well as some dirtier looks. And as for the ride down, let’s just say we were very grateful to have hydraulic disc brakes.

Find your nearest VanMoof location, and take the VanMoof S3 & X3 for a test ride today.

Thomas, Richard S and Richard T