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Pop-Up City Guide: Cologne

Pop-Up City Guide Cologne

We know that test rides make a difference. And we want as many riders as possible to see how the VanMoof S3 & X3 can transform their cities. That’s why we’re boosting our brand store reach with an international network of pop-up test locations. In our new blog series, we’re zeroing in on our latest cities – and taking you on an insider-only ride with the local team.

Hi! We are Julia and Simon, and we work at the VanMoof pop-up location in Cologne. We’ll help you try out all the VanMoof S3 & X3’s high-tech features and get the most out of your test ride. But let's get moving already – we’ll take you on a tour of Cologne and show you our favourite spots around the city.

Located right next to Mediamarkt you’ll find a restaurant called Good Food. Here you’ll find Asian inspired bowls, quick snacks with hummus, and a variety of soups. Only a few meters away, you can put your VanMoof to its first test, while riding up the steep Hercules-Hill between Mediamarkt and the inner canal street.

From the Herkulesberg, you can ride in the direction of the Green Grip, stopping by the Colonius television tower. It’s unfortunately not been possible to go up to the viewing platform since 1999, but the 266-meter tall tower is still impressive. This area is filled with green spaces, calm atmosphere, and excellent views onto the Dom, so it’s great to bike around in.

Let's continue out of town to Ehrenfeld via Venloer Straße. A cultural hotspot, this busy street is filled with unique restaurants and cafes. Pulling up at Ehrenfeld, you'll discover the street art this neighbourhood is known for. From little art pieces to big murals that cover whole buildings you'll find something new to discover around every corner.

Getting hungry? Luckily, there are many good ice cream parlours in Cologne. In Ehrenfeld, there is hardly a path that doesn't lead to ice cream parlour – we recommend Eisfeld on Hansemannstrasse. Everything here is homemade without any artificial additives. Alongside the classics, you'll find more unique flavors such as poppy seeds, tonka beans, or blueberry sour cream. Two minutes away by bike on Heliosstrasse is the ‘Stapelbar’ or pallet bar. The name says it all – the furniture is all made of pallets. Here you can spend relaxing evenings with a friend while sipping on delicious cocktails or chill out in their beer garden.

Looking for some nature? Riding along the canals with a stop at the meadow by the Aachener Weiher to watch the wild geese is popular among Cologne residents. You can usually still find a quiet spot to relax in. Things are more lively in Kwartier Latäng, Cologne's student district. Since last year, there’s a great new spot for breakfast fans on the corner of Zülpicher Strasse and Dasselstrasse, Louis Breakfast Club. And for the coffee fanatics, you won't find better than The Coffee Gang – we also believe they have the world's best cheesecake!

"On the way from the Mediapark to the Herkulesberg, there is a long park area, which is perfect for testing the Turbo Boost to the max."

And, whether they’re at the meadow by the Aachener Weiher, or hanging out at the university, people from Cologne love their kiosk beer. You can get a cool Kölsch, the typical city beer, on almost every corner in one of the countless stalls. Many of the booths can be found in the Belgian Quarter, one of Cologne's trendy districts, attracting people of all ages and from all walks of life. The meeting point is usually Brussels Square or ‘Brüsseler Platz’ in the centre of the Belgian Quarter. There you'll find a playground, table tennis tables and various outdoor restaurants centered around the church.

On the way from the Mediapark to the Herkulesberg, there is a long park area, which is perfect for testing the Turbo Boost to the max. Most ‘normal’ cyclists will surrender at the Herkulesberg, one of the steepest hills in all of Cologne. But with the Turbo Boost you can glide up it with no effort at all – and then race down the other side!

Find your nearest VanMoof location, and take the VanMoof S3 & X3 for a test ride today.

Julia Frenk und Simon Knoff