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Pop-up City Guide: Bristol

Pop-up City Guide: Bristol

We know that test rides make a difference. And we want as many riders as possible to see how the VanMoof S3 & X3 can transform their cities. That’s why we’re boosting our brand store reach with an international network of pop-up test locations. In our new blog series, we’re zeroing in on our latest cities – and taking you on an insider-only ride with the local team.

Hi, I'm Keith. Until recently, I’d never been to Bristol before. Before moving for work, I spoke to a few of my London friends who’d lived or studied there, and they went on and on about how it’s such a beautiful city . So of course I came in with very high expectations. I quickly became friends with Steve – one of VanMoof’s new recruits at the Bristol pop-up. He and his girlfriend offered to show me around.

The initial plan was to cycle across Brunel’s Suspension Bridge, but I have a pretty debilitating fear of heights. So we decided to experience it from the ground instead, and visit some spots where I’d have a good view of the bridge. Our first stop was the Sea Walls at the southwest corner of Clifton Downs, where you have an amazing view of the Avon Gorge, with the suspension bridge partially hidden behind the hills.

After a few minutes of my mouth hanging open in awe, we set off for the Bristol Observatory. We never ended up going into the observatory though – there was a wait to get in, and zooming through the city by bike spoiled me so much that I wasn’t willing to be slowed down by human traffic. Luckily, the path we took up to the observatory revealed an even better view of the bridge.

We then rode down to the White Lion bar, which has a large terrace with lovely views of and Avon Gorge. They even let us take our bikes in with us – parked and secured with the Kick Lock, of course. As you’d expect, the bikes were real head-turners. It made for some fun, socially-distanced conversations!

Our last stop was the Harbourside. If you end up here, you should definitely visit Millenium Square. We grabbed a bite to eat under the sun, with live music hosted by Extinction Rebellion.

Bristol is without a doubt the hilliest city that I have ever visited, so naturally, I used the Turbo Boost up every hill I could find. It’s so much fun, I really felt like a kid again. There’s just something about flying up a hill on the VanMoof S3 & X3 that puts the biggest smile on your face, especially when you breeze past other cyclists that are struggling. Needless to say, Bristol lived up to the hype.

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Keith Odidika