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Our riders dreamt up a bike-filled future city – and it looks wild.

Our riders dreamt up a bike-filled future city – and it looks wild.

We asked you to get creative and share your vision of a brighter, healthier cityscape powered by e-bikes. The entries are in, and we’re inspired. But who took the winning spots?

After the drop of our hand-drawn #RidetheFutureTogether campaign video by British illustrator Jim Stoten, inspiration levels were already running sky-high. The psychedelic animation celebrates the power of e-bikes and their potential to transform our cities worldwide. Oh, and of course it features our froggy friend, who represents the playful, positive relationship with nature that biking around the city inspires.

But that’s our interpretation of the impact bikes can have on the world around us – we wanted to know what your vision of the future looked like. So, we asked you to reimagine the future with us your way. What does your world of tomorrow look like, feel like, and what would you change for the better?

Using pencils, felt-tips, and photoshop, you got to work and showed us what your reimagined world looks like. The entries came rolling in – and as expected – we were spoilt for choice. We always knew our rider community was full of inventive, wild, and downright beautiful dreamers, but these creative visions sealed the deal.

So who did we declare the winners of the creative competition? Drumroll please…

Our first winner is Barry Lyons from Ireland – because how could we not stick a prize on that donut-powered wheelie? Second up is Michael Paul, lo-fi dreamland extraordinaire from Germany, for thinking up a snoozy and surreal ride that we could all kick back and enjoy. From Michael's perspective, it's a joy to imagine a city "where bikers aren’t only motivated by a commute but a direct connection to fun inspired by a ride made by a company that gives a darn. Ride by day, ride by night, even when you’re sleepy" – and we couldn't agree more. And last but not least, our third winner is Quinten Adema from the Netherlands for not one, but two wonderfully wacky and colorful submissions. We particularly loved the emphasis on togetherness in Quinten’s entries – and the presence of our very own VanMoof frog, of course.

Thank you to all participants and congratulations to our three winners – your artwork will be shared across our social channels, and you’ve got a seriously impressive VanMoof goodie bag coming your way.

To ride the future together, we thought it’d be best to gather some imaginative material from those who know best – our riders. Every single entry was full of color, envisioned a brighter future, and emphasised togetherness. From our perspective, it looks like our collective imagining of our future cities is a hopeful and positive place to grow together as a community. But how do we get there? We think riding our bikes is a pretty good place to start.

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