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Our limited-edition VanMoof S3 Aluminum bike drop: Celebrating electric riding in its purest form

On August 16, we dropped a finite number of limited-edition S3 Aluminum bikes. This release gives riders the chance to own a unique VanMoof that only the lucky few will manage to get their hands on. But it’s more than just a collector’s item. The S3 Aluminum captures a snapshot in VanMoof history. In a return to where it all began, the limited-edition S3 celebrates electric riding in its purest form.

Beauty in simplicity: Electric riding in pure form

Our design philosophy has always been grounded in an indisputable truth: that the joy of riding a bike lies in its simplicity. From our earliest models to our latest, every element of a VanMoof bike is essential, yet elevated to the highest-possible standard. As our bikes and our brand continue to evolve, we’re paying homage to this founding idea.

We all know the phrase ‘it’s just like riding a bike’. It describes something that’s intuitive; easy; unforgettable. The essence of riding a bike is hard to put into words because it’s far more than it's an energizing way to get from one place to another – riding a bike makes you feel free.

At VanMoof, this beautifully simple and pure feeling is the red thread that runs through all of our designs. The inaugural straight-frame model made in 2009, the M1, was our first iteration of the now instantly-recognizable top tube with built-in front and rear lights. Fast forward to today, and the thinking behind our designs hasn’t faltered. By staying true to the foundational idea that there is beauty in simplicity, our bikes are built to both stand out on the bike rack, and stand the test of time.

The limited-edition S3 Aluminum, uncovered.

The limited-edition S3 is boldly-designed, with an aluminum frame and striking matte black stripe detail that celebrates electric riding in its purest form. The black LED Matrix Display indicates your speed, battery level, and power assist level and is framed with pure brushed aluminum. The fully-integrated handlebars, one piece saddle, and 28-inch tires are in signature black.

How to get your hands on the limited-edition S3 Aluminum

A very limited number of the S3 Aluminum bikes have been made available to the public in Europe and the US for €2.698 / $2,648 on The one-of-a-kind bikes are ready for the taking but be quick – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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