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Cities & Cycling

Why partner up with VanMoof? Our Company Bike Program won’t just energize your employee’s commute; it will create positive impact in your city.

Why partner up with VanMoof? Our Company Bike Program won’t just energize your employee’s commute; it will create positive impact in your city.

At VanMoof, we believe we can create a better future together by making biking the default way of moving around our cities. By choosing to ride electric, our streets are safer, our air cleaner, and city-dwellers happier. So, where does our Company Bike Program come in? Well, we want to work together with you to inspire your employees to choose to ride to work instead of drive. They’ll experience a whole host of benefits, from feeling energized by that fresh air commute, to making their city a cleaner place for everyone. Interested? Keep reading…

So, what are the basics of the VanMoof Company Bike Program? Well, your employees can lease a VanMoof S3 or X3 – our iconic e-bikes jam-packed with all the latest integrated tech – and make the most of our complete Peace of Mind Theft & Maintenance coverage for a specified monthly fee. That means all-inclusive, worry-free riding. But before we get into the juicy details, what’s in it for you and your employees?

Hit the Turbo Boost on your employee satisfaction levels

Joining the Bike Company Program is a win-win scenario for you and your employees. Overall, employees are happier and healthier, and more likely to recommend their place of work. A nice claim, but let’s back it up with some evidence. Our survey with riders signed up to the VanMoof Company Bike Program showed that a staggering 76% of them would be more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work because of their bike program. And with such a significant number of employees now commuting to work on their VanMoof, that’s far fewer commuting cars on the road – a clear sign of tangible positive impact on the world.

Being out and about in the fresh air on a bike is a real winner when it comes to stimulating productivity, too – there are endless studies that show the link between cycling and creativity, improved memory recall, better concentration, high energy levels, and general well-being.

Make the most of the complete VanMoof experience, for less

And it’s not just the fresh air that’ll get your and your employees’ satisfaction levels sky-high. When you join the Company Bike Program, you can save money thanks to tax incentives – up to 30% of the cost of your e-bike with cycle to work schemes available to riders in countries like the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Not only will you get your VanMoof for less money, you’ll get to make the most of our complete Peace of Mind Theft & Maintenance coverage. Our Theft guarantee means that if the unthinkable happens and your bike goes missing, our Bike Hunters will recover it within two weeks. If they can’t, we’ll replace your ride with a bike of the same age and condition – or better. Our Peace of Mind Maintenance coverage means that our Bike Doctors will keep your bike in optimal condition, with proactive check-ups, and responsive maintenance.

You can choose between our two frames, the VanMoof S3 or X3 (our next-generation e-bikes come in different shapes and sizes just like our riders). We take care of everything: we'll deliver the bikes, perform all maintenance, and even recover them if they get stolen. And the best part? If you’ve fallen in love with your ride at the end of your leasing period – you’ll have the option to keep a hold of your bike. We’ll make you a purchase offer based on the current market value of the bike, which is a combination of kilometers ridden and the model’s age and condition.

Ready to sign up? This is how it works.

We’ve set up strong partnerships with companies like Google, Tesla, Ace & Tate, and Amazon – want to join the ride? We’ll host bespoke test rides events for you on location, and a partnership with VanMoof is super simple to set up if you decide you’re ready to join the ride. Just get in touch with our B2B team at and we’ll take you through the steps. We can’t wait to give you and your colleagues a taste of electrified life.