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Multiple owners and more customizable options: Our new app features can make your VanMoof more unique than ever.

Multiple owners and more customizable options: Our new app features can make your VanMoof more unique than ever.

Ready to customize your ride? Our new manual shift and manual motor assistance level features give you even more freedom to set up your bike to suit you down to a tee. And if you’ve been dreaming of sharing your bike or checking out biking stats in your city, you’re in luck...

At VanMoof, we know even the little changes can make life so much easier for our riders. That’s why we’ve expanded the app’s capabilities for VanMoof S3 & X3 with new manual modes to shift gears and change motor assistance level while riding, giving you more control and a smoother ride. And that’s not all – you can now share your ride with whoever you want, and deep dive into the biking stats in your city.

“We’re continuously working on improving the app based on rider feedback, so the manual shifting and manual motor assistance level features have been in the pipeline for a while,” says VanMoof App Product Owner: “The R&D team has been working hard to perfect these features and smooth out any last bumps to make sure they really provide the best experience possible.”

Get in gear with new manual shifting

Normally in the Flat, Hilly, or Custom gear settings, your gears shift automatically at pre-set moments. In the new manual shifting setting, you can change gears at any point on your journey. Pretty handy, right?

Ok, so picture this: you’re heading for a hill and you want an easy climb. To shift up a gear, simply double press the Turbo Boost while riding. You’ll have the option to shift from gears 1 to 4. To shift down a gear while you’re on the go, just hold the bell button and double press the Turbo Boost. When you’re stationary, your bike will automatically shift back to first gear in both manual and automatic gear shifting mode so it’s easier to start pedalling again when you need to get moving.

Motor assistance made (even) easier

So you might ride on level 4 motor assistance all day, everyday – we know you have places to be. But we want to make sure our riders experience the smoothest riding experience possible, and with that comes the freedom to change your motor assistance when you’re on the go. “Sometimes you want to change the assistance level while you’re riding, for instance, to ride at the same pace as a friend or have more help when tackling a headwind,” VanMoof App Product Owner explains. “With the new manual motor assistance feature, you don’t have to stop anymore to change your settings. You can customize your ride on the go, giving you even more control.”

To adjust the motor assistance level, press and hold the Turbo Boost when you’re on the move, but not pedaling. You’ll see the levels counting up from 0 to 4 on your bike’s Matrix display. Release the button on your chosen assistance level. This feature also works when you’re stationary. And don’t worry, the Turbo Boost stays exactly the same: holding it down while you’re pedaling still gives you that electrifying boost of extra juice.

Sharing is caring

Owning a VanMoof is a wonderful thing, and now you can share some of the love with your friends by managing who has access to your bike and for how long. This makes it easier than ever to loan out your VanMoof to pals, family members, colleagues, or whoever else you have in mind. You don’t even have to share your password – just add a rider using the app, pop in their email address, select how long they get to ride, then send out an invite. After that, they’ll get a request, and all they need to do is create an account in the VanMoof app to accept the invite. Yep, it’s that easy.

Oh, and if you’re ever worried about where exactly your beloved bike is, you can use Apple Find My to keep tabs on the location. Give it a go, with full peace of mind.

Talk of the town

Ever wondered how much VanMoof riding gets done on your doorstep? Who do you reckon travels further each day, Londoners or Amsterdammers? For the first time, the City Rides feature allows you to deep dive into live VanMoof stats for cities around the world. Compare them, add your journeys to the total, and keep tabs on what’s happening right now on the frontier of the electric bike revolution.

It’s simple: choose a city from our list (even if you’re not in that location) and see the summary of total rides, the average distance travelled, and the average duration of the rides. Neat, huh?

So, ready to get the new features set up on your ride? First, make sure you have the latest firmware version installed (1.7.2 and above) and the latest version of the app (Android 5.13 - iOS 3.15). Always toggle the manual mode in the respective settings in your VanMoof app. Once they’re in place, the manual shifting and manual motor assistance levels features will be enabled and you’re good to go.

At VanMoof, we’re dedicated to making sure our riders are in control. We're constantly working on new and improved functions on the app, so sign up to our newsletter to stay in the know about our updates.

Can’t see the latest features yet? Don't sweat. Our R&D team is rolling out the update in so-called 'soft batches', so you might not have received the update just yet. By the end of November every rider’s app should be up to date.

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