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Meet our Partners: We Like Bikes on getting VanMoof riders in Munich back on the road

Meet our Partners: We Like Bikes on getting VanMoof riders in Munich back on the road

A VanMoof isn’t meant to sit and look pretty. Its scuffs and scrapes mark its dedication to the city – and to your adventures within it. But when the time comes for your bike to get a little extra attention, you need expert support to get back on the road – and fast.

That’s where the VanMoof partner network comes in. With a wealth of local knowledge, unparalleled e-bike expertise, and newly trained in all-things VanMoof, these mechanics are changing how you get your bike serviced for good. So, ready to meet our partners? First up, we spoke to Hans and Alejandra of We Like Bikes in Germany.

We Like Bikes has six locations across Germany, from Munich to Munster. But take us back to the beginning: how did you get into the world of bikes?

Hans: I'm a big bike enthusiast. I studied mechatronics engineering in Mexico. When we moved to Germany, I started repairing bikes for my friends, and people started saying I should build a business. So we started little by little. In the pilot phase, we were a mobile service – visiting riders by car and repairing bikes as we went. Later, we invested in a physical location, and it went well. So, we decided to start to expand, and the rest is history!

Alejandra, do you also work together with Hans in the shop?

Alejandra: I was with Hans all the time when he was working as a mobile mechanic. When we opened our first physical location, I started to work with him in the store, with clients and also went to the fairs to see which bikes we should buy.

We Like Bikes is specialised in e-bike repairs. What do your customers come to you for?

Hans: I think around 50% of our customers already know how to adjust brakes, adjust the shifters, and do some mechanical repairs themselves. But as far as electronics go, they often don't have the right tools. The software starts to be a little bit tricky. And that’s where we come in. Now with our understanding of the bikes, we’re really fast at running the diagnostics and detecting the issue.

Why did you sign up to work with us as a partner in our new service network?

Hans: Well firstly, there are lots of riders out there. But we have all this know-how about the products, which is why it was a no brainer to service VanMoof riders. Besides that, I see something that I only see with VanMoof riders: that they are really loyal to the brand. In most cases, they're really happy with the bike and they don't want a change.

What makes you tick about a VanMoof bike? Is there anything you find particularly satisfying to repair?

Hans: When it comes to repairing VanMoofs, we're still learning and learning. And we actually hired one of the expert mechanics from VanMoof directly – he can repair an entire VanMoof in seconds. But the great thing is that VanMoof bikes are always evolving. That’s an exciting challenge for any mechanic. For example, the VanMoof S5 essentially has a computer built-in. I love deciphering what’s going on inside.

And what about the ride itself? Alejandra, I hear you ride a VanMoof A5…

Alejandra: I do! It just rides really smooth. The riding position is super comfortable, and the Kick Lock is the best feature ever. It’s also super handy that you have a handlebar button that you can use to unlock the bike too – that way, you don’t have to rely on your phone all the time.

Hans: Every small detail has been created to come together and make one very good bike. It makes your whole experience so much smoother.

What’s the biking scene like in Munich? How have things changed recently – and most importantly, what still needs to be done?

Alejandra: In Munich, a big change that we have seen in the last couple of years is that they are getting rid of some parking spots to give it to bike parking.

Hans: They're changing a lot of streets into bike streets so it’s increasingly easy to bike in the city. In my opinion, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Munster though is the bicycle capital of Germany, with lots of infrastructure in place. What impressed us is that in Munster people ride in snow, rain – anything. There's like the same amount of riders out there every day, no matter the weather.

And finally – and it's a big one – why do you like doing what you do?

Hans: Passion. Sometimes my team says, “why are you in the workshop? You should be doing strategy work or something else!” But I love the mechanical side of my job – getting stuck in and building and repairing myself. That drives me every day.

50 partner locations in over seven countries are now ready to service your bikes across Europe, with more workshops being added to our network each month. We’re ramping up the production of spare parts so we can keep them supplied with the parts they need to service VanMoof bikes, too.

To find a partner near you, check the map.