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Move fast to secure your Outlet e-bike for even less: Our limited Outlet Warehouse Sale drops in Utrecht, starting this Saturday

Move fast to secure your Outlet e-bike for even less: Our limited Outlet Warehouse Sale drops in Utrecht, starting this Saturday

VanMoof bikes should last for life, and we want to get the world riding. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to get an extra 10% off all of our Outlet e-bikes during our Outlet Warehouse Sale in Utrecht from February 26 until March 6. Yep, you read that right – that’s a discount on a discount. Move fast to get your hands on your pre-loved VanMoof e-bike.

We’ve got something special in store for you over the next week. From February 26 until March 6, we’re putting on an Outlet Warehouse Sale so you get the chance to take one of our Outlet e-bikes home with an extra 10% off. Come by anytime during our opening hours (10:00-18:00) and say hello!

The Outlet Warehouse Sale will take place at our Service Hub in Utrecht, which you can find at Savannahweg 63-65, Utrecht.

How does it work?
Just drop by our Warehouse in Utrecht and check out our Outlet bikes for yourself. Our Outlet bikes may have a scratch or two, but they’re in perfect riding condition. Each and every bike has been fine-tuned by our team of Bike Doctors, and we sell them at reevaluated prices to match their condition.

But don’t worry – we know that when it comes to our bikes, feeling is believing. If you’d like to, you can test ride the VanMoof you have your eye on. And we wouldn’t want to get in the way of a true match – if you fall in love with your ride right away, you can take it home with you that day. That means you won’t pay shipping costs and you’ll get a fully assembled bike. It’s an offer we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to refuse.


What is an Outlet bike?
Our Outlet bikes offer you the full VanMoof experience, at reevaluated prices. All Outlet bikes are refurbished, fully functional, and have a two-year warranty. They’re either from a discontinued range or have been returned by other riders. Even the slightest mark on a bike means we can’t sell it as brand new, so many of our Outlet bikes have hardly noticeable aesthetic imperfections such as a small scratch on the frame.

How are Outlet bikes sorted?
An Outlet bike’s reevaluated price is decided by its condition. To help you find the perfect bike, we’ve divided them into categories. Every bike has been individually checked by one of our Bike Doctors, so you can rest assured that they ride like new.

Can I add Peace of Mind coverage to my Outlet order?
You can add our three-year Peace of Mind: Theft coverage to your Outlet order. Peace of Mind: Maintenance is not available for Outlet bikes.

Can’t wait for the weekends or already curious about our Outlet bikes?
Check out our online Outlet