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JobRad x VanMoof: A match made in bike heaven.

JobRad x VanMoof: A match made in bike heaven.

We’re all about getting more people out and about on two wheels. And to encourage more German-based riders to transform their commute into the best part of their day, we joined forces with JobRad, a nifty initiative that helps employers get their staff riding. Ready to make the most of the endless benefits of life on a bike?

Give us the lowdown on JobRad

JobRad is a company that believes, like us, that bikes should be the default mode of transport for everyday life. And riding a bike everyday comes with a whole heap of great perks – in this case, both for you and your employer.

How does it work, we hear you ask? Well, you can choose your dream bike from a specialist dealer or via our website. Your employer can then request to lease the bike through JobRad, and you’ll receive a shiny new bike that you get to ride whenever and wherever you want: to work, to the gym, to see friends – the possibilities are endless. Insurance is also thrown in, so you can ride worry-free for the contractual period of 36 months. And no worries if you’ve fallen in love with your ride at the end of your leasing period – you’ll have the option to keep a hold of your bike.

What are the benefits for employers?

Put simply, JobRad attracts talent. How do we know this? Because service bike leasing has proven time and time again to be an innovative tool for finding and retaining employees. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want the chance to ride one of the smoothest rides out there?

And that’s not all. Leasing a bike with JobRad also helps out with your company’s overall health management. Did you know that employees who regularly cycle to work will take an average of two days less sick leave per year? Being out and about in the fresh air on a bike is a real winner when it comes to stimulating productivity, too – there are endless studies that show the link between cycling and creativity, improved memory recall, better concentration, high energy levels, and general well-being.

At the end of the day, biking is endlessly fun. You feel good when you do it. And, excuse the cliche, but happy employees make good employees.

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