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Introducing the new VanMoof S3 & X3: It’s time to ride the future

Introducing the new VanMoof S3 & X3: It’s time to ride the future

That’s right, the waiting is finally over. The groundbreaking new electric VanMoof S3 & X3 have been revealed to the world, and we’re still trying to catch our breath. You already know these are the most powerful, most technologically advanced bikes VanMoof has ever built. But let’s dive into the details of this e-bike evolution and explore what really puts the VanMoof S3 & X3 in a league of their own.

Intelligent motor

There’s more to an e-bike motor than straight horsepower, although the S3 & X3 have that in spades. What’s more important is the way the motor feels. It’s no use ramping up the power if you’re going to be thrown out of the saddle every time you turn the pedals. That’s why we’ve tuned the new motor for a completely natural ride-feel. There’s no ‘pulling’ sensation, or any jerkiness to the acceleration. Instead, your natural pedal-power is amplified by up to four times, and all that incredible torque is delivered smoothly, instantly responding to your own movements. Combine that with the near-silent operation, and it feels just like riding a normal bike. Except much faster. And much more fun.


The Vanmoof S3 & X3 are breaking new biking ground with the industry-first e-shifter – bringing automatic electronic gear shifting to the masses. Just like the new motor, the e-shifter is designed for a totally seamless ride, instantly changing gears to maximize power output and reduce rider fatigue. Best of all, it requires zero input from the rider, communicating in real time with the onboard Smart Cartridge to shift up or down at customizable speed intervals. These are also the first VanMoof e-bikes with four gears – we added two more to extend your hill-climb capabilities, and give you some extra oomph when speeding down the flats.

Hydraulic braking system

Ok, we know hydraulic brakes aren’t exactly new in the biking world. But with the VanMoof S3 & X3 we’ve finally created a complete braking system which fits our integrated philosophy. Everything from the levers to the calipers has been designed to fit perfectly with each other – just check how the oil reservoirs sit flush with the one-piece sculpted handlebars. And it’s not just for show: the new brakes deliver precision stopping power in all weather conditions. Even in the middle of a Dutch downpour, you can glide to a safe standstill with the squeeze of a single finger. The hydraulic engineering means there’s zero maintenance for the rider, so there’s no more fiddling with your brake pad alignment or tightening your cables. Oh and we also made the brake discs out of solid stainless steel. It adds a touch more grip, and looks really, really cool.

Super smart electronics

We’re not lying when we say the VanMoof S3 & X3 are utterly effortless to ride. With only two control buttons and automated everything, there’s nothing to distract you or get in the way. And the the Smart Cartridge is what makes all of this possible. This clever little tube is the unsung hero of our new e-bikes, working hard beneath the surface to manage all optimize all internal systems as you ride. Completely redesigned from the previous-gen internals, the new Smart Cartridge actively processes motor feedback, working in harmony with the battery to maximize your range, no matter what your riding style. We also doubled down on the internal Theft Defense, turning the alarm speaker frequency up to 11 and boosting the location tracking range. We also added two new bell sounds, if for some reason you dislike the classic VanMoof ‘sonar’ sound...

All that, and we’re only scratching the surface. Or we would be, if the VanMoof S3 & X3 didn’t feature a new anti-scratch finish. Everywhere you look, you’ll find improvements which elevate the bike’s real-world functionality. The Matrix Display displays more information, and comes to life with richer animations. The Turbo Boost is sharper than ever, blasting you to top speed in the blink of an eye. The app connectivity is strengthened, to make sure your bike unlocks and powers on as soon as you approach. And the saddle, grips, and pedals have all been upgraded – to ensure all-day riding comfort.

So don’t be fooled by those familiar silhouettes. The VanMoof S3 & X3 are a new kind of bike for a new kind of city. Book a test ride, and discover what it’s really like to ride the future.