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Inside the Ride: Service Hubs

We’re revolutionizing the way city-dwellers move. As we travel at lightning speed into uncharted territory, the ride can be a little bumpy – both the challenges we face and the possibilities at our fingertips are endless. But at VanMoof, we’re not just here to keep up. To always stay one step ahead, we put our ears to the ground, listen to our rider community, make plans, and get to work. It’s time to spotlight the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our innovations a reality. This is our world. This is life inside the ride.

Our two-wheeled revolution is gathering numbers. And as our rider community grows, so does the demand for better access to our service. Our solution? To open more Service Hubs in cities worldwide, and train local bike shops in all things VanMoof. All in the hope you’ll be able to get any help you need without having to travel far. We’re well on track to have 10 new Service Hubs open by the end of this year, and we’ve started working with certified workshops in over thirty cities. Diving into the intricacies of why our Service Hubs will enhance your riding experience, VanMoof’s Chief Operations Officer Jelle Vastert is on hand to tell us more.

Elevating our servicing capabilities to new heights is next on the agenda at VanMoof. For Jelle Vastert, mastering service has long been his ambition both in his role as COO, and as an avid rider himself: “Within the life of the bike, there are certainly moments where we have to be there for the rider – when something goes wrong or when they need help. And that's when we have a chance to really delight our riders.” With e-bikes increasingly dominating cycle paths worldwide and VanMoofs turning heads at every corner, it’s crucial that both our existing and prospective riders know they can count on us not just for a swish set of wheels, but for excellent service too. As we work towards a seamless service experience, the first step, according to Jelle, is proximity. “The ultimate aim is to make sure that everybody has a really consistent riding experience and that our bikes are on the road in mint condition for as long as possible,” Jelle explains, “What we've noticed is that more than anything, riders just want to know that there's somewhere they can go. That’s where our Service Hub concept fits in.”

But hold up. What exactly can a rider expect from a Service Hub? Essentially, they anticipate everything a VanMoof rider needs, offering everything from test rides and tune-ups to faster-than-ever repairs and services of every kind. “When we started thinking about Service Hubs one of the first things we did was come up with a narrative,” Jelle explains, “‘What would be a typical problem for our riders? How could it be solved at a Service Hub? How would you get there?’” Aside from refitting E-shifters and flat tires, Service Hubs give us the opportunity to meet our riders face-to-face and connect those who have chosen to ride the future with us.

With flexible furniture and dynamic, open layout, our state-of-the-art Service Hubs are designed with local adaptability in mind. Rider feedback is like gold dust to us at VanMoof. And our Service Hubs will become an increasingly important channel for gathering this feedback, allowing us to engage with local communities, and tap into the unique problems riders face in different parts of the world. Currently, VanMoof riders who encounter problems with their bike send them in for repairs unless they live close to a Brand Store. “They really asked to be served closer to their home,” Jelle tells us, “We know it would be very convenient for them to just drop off their bike with us and then pick it up the next day.”

Like most of the Dutch population, cycling is second nature to Jelle: “My kids learned to cycle when they were two. My dad – who's 72 – still cycles everywhere. If you integrate [cycling] in your life, it just works on so many levels.” And why wouldn’t you want to share the very best bits of Dutch culture with cities worldwide? It feels especially poignant as e-mobility will play an instrumental part in adapting our behavior as our climate crisis escalates.

In more sprawling cities where cars still dominate streets, biking might not appear so simple. “It might be the first e-bike that prospective riders have. And there's this level of complexity that just lives in the perception of owning an e-bike,” Jelle accepts, “Service Hubs provide a lot of peace of mind for riders: if there's something there that they can't fix themselves, then we'll be there for them to solve it.” If there’s a way to get more people on bikes – we’ll find it.

There is, Jelle points out, consensus around what our future cities will look like: “a city should be very reachable; there should be more green; and the best way to get around is probably a combination of public transport and then cycling and actually walking.” Within his team, Jelle describes the drive to answer the questions of the future: “I like people to spend about 40% of their time thinking ahead and not thinking about the daily operation, but really about the problems or challenges that we have tomorrow.” And to be at the forefront of change, it’s not just about offering the best riding experience out there. As city-dwellers' mindsets and behaviors shift and demand continues to sky-rocket, we want each and every newly converted rider to count on us for our support. As Jelle astutely puts, “riding is just something that makes you happier.” By listening to our riders, taking risks, and staying accountable, we’ll make sure nothing gets in the way of those happy bike endorphins.

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