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Bike Hunters

A Model Getaway? Not with NYC Bike Hunters on the Scene

A Model Getaway? Not with NYC Bike Hunters on the Scene

There’s more to Linda Vojtová than meets the eye. Sure, the Prague-born supermodel is best known for gracing Victoria’s Secret billboards and the pages of Harpers Bazaar – but she’s also a keen VanMoofer, tearing up the streets of Brooklyn on her Electrified X.

So when she returned to her Tribeca apartment to find a broken chain where her bike used to be, her joie de vivre took a little dip. Sure, she could buy another bike, but she couldn’t buy her bike back.

On the other side of town, 16-year-old Zach S. was feeling similarly bummed. A VanMoof fanatic from an early age, the high school student had been gifted an Electrified S by his (pretty generous) father. So when he found his prized VanMoof missing from the bike rack, it’s safe to say Zach was pretty gutted.

Luckily, both Big Apple riders had our Peace of Mind anti-theft protection, and the Bike Hunters were already scrambling into action. Armed with VanMoof’s bike tracking app and a super-strength Bluetooth scanner, our Hunter zeroed in on Zach’s bike’s last-known position. It didn’t take long ‘til they found their mark – the Electrified S was chained outside a grocery store in Brooklyn.

Watching from afar, the Bike Hunter waited until a shopper emerged, laden with fresh produce. Dropping the bags in the Electrified’s cargo carriers (hey, even bike thieves are fans of convenience) the suspect took off, with our Bike Hunter in covert pursuit. Pulling up outside a Manhattan restaurant, the Bike Hunter caught the rider unawares, and asked if the Electrified S was his.

“No, it’s not my bike. I’ve never seen it before,” replied the perp. Given the events of the last half hour, this seemed a little unlikely.

Still, our Bike Hunters know when to play it cool, and when to let a situation play itself out. After waiting a full two hours, the Bike Hunter decided to see what was going on inside the restaurant. Passing through the doors, they spotted another familiar frame leaning against the tables: Linda Vojtová’s Electrified X!

Bike Hunters don’t believe in coincidences – time to call the police. With both frame numbers linked to the rightful owners, it was a fair cop. The double-theft was pinned on the restaurant owner, who’d been using his mini fleet of stolen VanMoof’s to turbocharge his morning deliveries. Nice idea, but a little too illegal for our taste.

Naturally, the supermodel and superstudent were super-pleased with the results. Both are back in the saddle, and Zach was so impressed that he’s planning on pursuing a career at VanMoof when he’s finished his studies. Linda is equally thrilled, although she hasn’t got back to us yet about that Bike Doctor job offer...

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A version of this article was originally featured on ONE37pm.