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A test ride like no other: Experiencing Eindhoven’s GLOW festival by bike

A test ride like no other: Experiencing Eindhoven’s GLOW festival by bike

Eindhoven’s streets were illuminated by the lights of the annual GLOW festival. We never let an opportunity for a one-of-a-kind ride pass us by, so our Service Hub offered exclusive test rides so the festival’s visitors could discover the installations in style.

Every year, GLOW art festival lights up Eindhoven with the work of 35 national and international light artists, and also makes sure to showcase innovative works of art that have been created by young local talent. This edition’s theme was ‘Moved by Lights’, and the installations were more memorable than ever.

The light installations are usually connected by a walking route, which got us thinking. What better way to explore the lights than by bike? We knew it was our time to shine. So, we opened up extended test rides and fixed up our VanMoof S3s & Xs with phone holders so test riders could follow GLOW’s interactive map and discover the artworks at their own pace. The added bonus? Riders were able to check out the installations that are tricky to get to by food (High Tech Campus, we’re looking at you).

Over two November evenings, riders took to the streets on their powered up wheels to get a taste for electrified city explorations. Winding through glowing wire structures in the shape of a brain, vibrant fields of sunflowers, and fountains of colorful aquatic light displays, test riders were treated to the full GLOW experience.

While the entire city was illuminated by GLOW, and with the former Philips Light factory on our doorstep, we didn’t want to leave our Service Hub in the dark. So, we transformed our shop windows into our very own neon art installation. And on the evening of the test rides, our riders got more than just a taste for the lights – we made sure they left with a goodie bag and mocktail too.

And it wasn’t just the installations that were glowing that night. Our e-bikes have a whole host of features powered by our Matrix Display. Want to check up on your speed or battery level? Just take a look at your bike’s lit up frame. Our bikes’ iconic integrated front and back lights have become cities’ new night light; making bike lanes glow as the winter nights get longer.

Want to experience the smoothest ride out there for yourself? We don’t blame you – in fact, we know that feeling is believing when it comes to our bikes. Book an appointment to test ride the VanMoof S3 & X3 in your nearest city now.