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We’ve partnered with local bike shops to make servicing your bike easier than ever before

We’ve partnered with local bike shops to make servicing your bike easier than ever before

There’s no better feeling than flying through the city on a smooth-running ride. To make sure your bike stays healthy – and you can reach out for help when you need it – we’ve carefully selected a bunch of local and experienced bike shops and partnered with them. That way, we can offer VanMoof-certified servicing that is more accessible and much, much more local.

You might be wondering just what a certified workshop is and how it can help you if things happen to go wrong. Well, they are currently dotted around pretty much everywhere – in 34 cities and counting, to be a little more precise. If your bike is ever in need of just a regular check-up or more serious repair, you can swing by for some attention on your S3 or X3.

We should note that these aren’t just random bike shops – these are carefully selected, professional workshops that we’ve chosen based on reviews and the numbers of VanMoofs in the area. Quinten de Haas, Head of Service Operations, explains it like this:

We needed to find a way to offer our riders the convenience of having a service location nearby. By partnering with local bike workshops we were able to expand our network of service locations fast, but also benefit from the years of experience of our partners.”

These certified workshops know precisely what they’re doing. We’ve extensively trained them to respond to all the issues you might encounter with your VanMoof e-bike. They know the ins and outs of the bike as well as we do.

So rest assured, you’re in the safest of hands. Juri, our Account Manager for the Netherlands, elaborates further:

“We are thankful to team up and build a relationship with many experienced bike mechanics. By providing our partners with the training, manuals and availability to spare parts, we are quick to respond to the needs of our riders. Be it for your regular check-up or more complex repairs, our certified workshops are there to help service your VanMoof S3/X3.”

The benefits of certified workshops don’t stop there. If you’ve been curious to test ride a VanMoof, you can now take one for a spin on local roads with the help of one of these workshops. So now, both test riding and servicing are closer than before. It’s ultra-convenient. Say goodbye to the frustrations of being out of action on your bike. The VanMoof world just got a lot smaller.

Fancy signing up as one of our workshops? Get in touch with us here.

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Imagery shot by our Certified Workshop Help Vélo from Bordeaux.