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European Mobility week: Utrecht on track to become Europe’s most bike-friendly province.

European Mobility week: Utrecht on track to become Europe’s most bike-friendly province.

European Mobility Week kicks off today with a bang – but that’s no car backfiring. Utrecht is organizing its own Mobility Week for the very first time, hosting an inspiring series of activities with a focus on sustainable mobility. Their goal? To transform European cities for the better.

Europe’s number one biking province

As you might have guessed, European Mobility Week is right up our street. From September 16-22 every year, the campaign raises awareness about sustainable mobility and inspires Europeans to look to clean, intelligent solutions for moving around their cities. This year, Utrecht has risen to the challenge as it powers ahead with its plans to become Europe’s number one biking region.

So what steps has the Dutch province taken to take the crown? Well, just for a start they’ve improved the area’s biking network, creating express bike routes and funding innovations that encourage a healthier, greener lifestyle. Not bad, Utrecht, not bad at all.

Utrecht dreams for a greener future

During Utrecht’s Mobility Week, all local residents and organizations are invited to register their own activity that puts plans for a more sustainable future into action. And of course, anyone can get stuck into an activity organized by the municipality. Picture a free inspirational online session about sustainability, or a bike tour along the picturesque river Vecht.

The initiative 'More Bikes = More Trees' keeps things clear and simple. Utrecht promises to plant a tree in a field in Bunnik for every 100 bikes counted. Now that’s a pretty inspiring way to make a vision come to life.

A VanMoof test ride in Utrecht

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