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Crush your commute on a leased e-bike: Your options for riding a VanMoof via your employer in Paris and beyond.

Crush your commute on a leased e-bike: Your options for riding a VanMoof via your employer in Paris and beyond.

Riding an e-bike is life changing. And to make sure as many people as possible get the chance to electrify their city lifestyle, accessibility is key. In Germany, we joined forces with JobRad so riders in Germany could lease an electric bike via their employer – and it took off. Now, we’ve decided to go bigger. In collaboration with three partners in France, we’re offering riders the chance to make the most of the ever-improving biking infrastructure in Paris and beyond by riding a brand-new VanMoof city e-bike loaded with all our signature tech – for a tax-free monthly fee.

Parisians, there’s no better time to ride

What are the benefits of leasing an e-bike via your employer? Well, your company or employer will support you with the leasing process, you can save up to 30% thanks to tax incentives, and you’ll benefit from full theft insurance. And with a bigger and better Brand Store about to open in Paris – and certified workshops in Bordeaux, Lyon, and Strasbourg – there’s no better time to ride. The best part? You can use your bike outside of work. And if you fall in love with your bike (we think you just might), you can buy it outright at the end of your leasing period. That’s not all: leasing an e-bike in France comes with even more pros thanks to government-sponsored incentives and vastly improved infrastructure.

To encourage more riders in Paris, the city municipality is providing subsidies of up to €400 for a new e-bike. And if you give up your car in exchange, they’ll offer you up to €600. Not bad, eh? And it’s not just something Parisians can benefit from – in other cities across France, subsidies range from €100-300.

Biking hasn’t just been made more accessible in the French capital; Paris has been one of the leading global cities to invest in and build the necessary infrastructure for inner-city biking. As part of the city’s Bike Plan, 180,000 additional bike parking spots will be added to the current total of 60,000 – more than tripling the city’s bike racks. And between now and 2026, Paris will gain 180 km of new, permanent bike lanes. Don’t live in the center of Paris? No worries – the city has stated it will pay attention to bike lanes and infrastructure around connection points between the neighboring suburbs to create better integration across the wider metro area.

The lowdown on our new leasing partners

We’ve teamed up with three leasing partners in France that have expertise in helping companies get their staff on bikes. The first is BeeToGreen, a company that offers solutions for both employers and employees. Most recently, they partnered up with KPMG in Paris to help the company reduce their carbon footprint. Top tip: make sure to check whether there is an employer benefit program available and with a bit of luck you might receive an additional bonus on your VanMoof.

We’ve also teamed up with Zenride, a company that has cooperated with plenty of innovative companies, like Microsoft. Zenride’s credit card system for service and maintenance stands out for its user friendliness. Our third partner, Azfalte, offers both bike and electric car leasing – but trust us when we say your e-bike will change your life in ways an e-car never could…

Convinced? Here’s how to lease your own VanMoof

Bike leasing has proven time and time again to be an innovative tool for finding and retaining employees. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want the chance to crush their commute on the most iconic city e-bike out there? If you’re interested in leasing an ebike in France, first check with your employers to see if they’re working with one of our three partners. If they are, you can forward them to the partner website directly to arrange your VanMoof lease. You can find the links below.

Lease a VanMoof via BeeToGreen / Lease a VanMoof via Zenride / Lease a VanMoof via Azfalte

Want to try before you buy? We get it – sometimes you just can’t put the feeling of riding a VanMoof into words. Book your test ride.