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Conversations With the City: Berlin through the eyes of Voo Store's Thibaud Guyonnet

Conversations With the City: Berlin through Voo Store's Thibaud Guyonnet eyes

The best cities aren’t simply places where we live and work. They have a soul; a unique feel, smell, and character. Sometimes describing a city is almost like describing a friend who you both treasure and might occasionally argue with – but who always feels like home.

But we can’t claim to understand the nuances of each and every one of our key cities. That’s where our series of stories, guides, and artworks, ‘Conversations with the City’ comes in.

Thibaud Guyonnet is Creative Director and Head Buyer for Voo Store in Berlin. For Conversations with the City Berlin, Thibaud curates a series of photographs inspired by a weekend in the city.

His photographs reveal a side to Berlin that contrasts with typical perceptions of the city known as the hedonistic capital of Europe. Life in Berlin looks different away from dancefloors and techno all-nighters. Retracing his steps to the places he’s visited for years on bike rides over the weekend, Thibaud captures the subtle details and textures that may be easily overlooked, but which make up the cityscape he knows and loves.

We chatted to Thibaud about the conversation he wanted to have with Berlin through his exhibition…

What importance does the city have on your work?

It has a massive importance: my job is directly linked to Berlin and Berliners. I need to curate a selection of products and create a communication strategy that’s relevant to the city and its people: it needs to communicate what Berlin is all about. The vision I’m creating for Voo Store only works because it’s Berlin; because it’s Kreuzberg.

Your work centers around the perfect weekend in Berlin. What is the conversation you wanted to have with Berlin through your photographs?

I wanted to show a different side of Berlin that isn’t linked to the clubbing culture. For me, life isn’t just about partying: my weekends often look very different from the other Berliners. I’m excited to see how it will translate in the photographs.

What intrigued you about our new series, Conversation with the City?

Honestly, I’m a huge VanMoof fan and a full-time rider – you’ll rarely see me without my bike. I was super excited to be part of the conversation and curate a series that focussed on what my Berlin looks like: Berlin by bike!

Space! That is the biggest luxury we have here. And we have both physical and creative space.

When you think of Berlin, what do you think of first?

Space! That is the biggest luxury we have here. And we have both physical and creative space. Berlin is a new city, and the way it was built with large streets and avenues gives us the physical space to explore the city. Berlin being new and not established like other European capitals also gives us creative freedom: we get to shape the city we want to live in.

What does the future of Berlin look like to you? And what would you change? If anything, of course…

You often hear that Berlin isn’t what it used to be, but I find this natural. Cities should evolve. I personally love Berlin more and more, and I hope it keeps a hold of its wild spirit. Being anti-capitalistic is a beautiful trait and is probably why I love the city so much. We do not care about status here – you come as you are. If you are nice and cute, we’ll be friends.

Want to see Thibaud Guyonnet's exhibition for yourself? You’re in luck. On the 8th the three artworks will be shown at our Store in Berlin at Torstraße 42.

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