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Bike Hunters

Bike Hunt Special: Strasbourg, November 2021

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Our intrepid Bike Hunters set out to retrieve a stolen VanMoof S3 in Strasbourg, unaware that this Hunt might be their most challenging yet. Joined by local musician and singer Matthieu, Daniel’s ready to join forces to reunite a lonely rider with their beloved bike. But will it be enough to take on the wiley bike thieves hiding out somewhere in Strasbourg?

Insider knowledge is indispensable when it comes to tracking down stolen bikes. So, it’s up to Matthieu to help Daniel and the team get their bearings in Strasbourg. Once they’re oriented, the team heads straight for the coordinates of the VanMoof. Once they reach the zone, they’re spotted by a local guy who’s curious about their presence – was it the satellite phones and cameras that gave us away?

The local confirms that if they’re looking for stolen bikes, the team has certainly come to the right place. He even leads them towards a large garage that’s known to contain over 2,000 stolen bikes from around the city. Could our VanMoof be concealed somewhere amongst them? It’s worth investigating. Time for stealth mode: the team go in with one Go-Pro camera to check out the suspicious scene… but there’s no indication that the bike they’re looking for is in the garage.

They split up and check every building in the area. A Bike Hunter’s best resource are local insiders knowledge and help – and this Hunt is no different. A food truck owner in the area checks his CCTV footage for the gang, and comes across a visual of someone riding a bike that matches their description. Could this be the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for?

The next day, the Bike Hunters head back to the area where the bike’s coordinates are pinging, but there’s still no sign of the elusive VanMoof S3. Back in the city center, Daniel’s reluctant to give up on the Hunt, and Matthieu is far from finished. So, armed with new coordinates and renewed energy, it’s time for round two. Word has spread amongst the Bike Hunters about the tricky Hunt going down in Strasbourg, and the team is joined by Julius who can't stay away from the challenge.

First up: the trailer park. It’s an eerie scene as the Hunters investigate the area in the dead of night, accompanied only by the sound of guard dogs who’ve sniffed out the intruding Hunters. Keen to avoid any trouble, the team decide it might be an idea to continue their mission the next morning. Just before they head back, Daniel and Julius’ suspicions are raised by the behavior of two kids, and they pinpoint a door that might be worth knocking on.

Matthieu rejoins the Hunters for day two of their second attempt at recovering the stolen VanMoof S3. After making a few enquiries in the area surrounding the trailer park, they decide it’s time to check out that suspicious house from the previous night. Right after a reassuring conversation with the owner, a Hunter’s phone sounds the alarm: “Stolen Bike Found”. And they spot the bike hiding in plain sight in a bike shed: shining and ready to be reclaimed.

The ride’s rightful owner has already received a replacement VanMoof, so the VanMoof S3 is delivered to our Paris Brand Store for a second shot at the road. The words Matthieu leaves for the thief on a note stuck to the cut lock ring true: “Never steal a VanMoof”.

Keen to join one of our Bike Hunters? Sound off on our social channels and who knows, maybe next time we’ll be hunting with you!

Does the thought of someone stealing the VanMoof S3 & X3 send you into a cold sweat? Peace of Mind: Theft to the rescue! It’s our ironclad guarantee that we’ll recover your bike in the event it gets stolen.

How does Peace of Mind: Theft work? Simple. When you report your bike stolen in the VanMoof app, we alert our Bike Hunter team to track it down. If we can’t recover it for you within two weeks, we'll replace it with a bike of the same (or better) age and condition.