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Back to Basics | What size bike do I need?

Back to Basics | What size bike do I need?

Think it’s time for a new e-bike? You’re probably wondering what size bike you need – well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you find out just how big or small you need your bike to be in a few simple steps – after all, our next-generation e-bikes come in different shapes and sizes just like our riders.

Size matters

Finding the right fit is a key part of the process when you’re on the lookout for new wheels. Keen to make sure your new e-bike isn’t too small or too big but is juuuust right? First thing’s first: make sure you know your height, the length of your inseam, and you’ve looked at our bike size chart. Ready? Let’s get you measured up.

The VanMoof S3 & X3 both have the same motor, battery, and smart tech but come in two different sizes. We recommend that riders 170–210 cm try out our classic straight frame the VanMoof S3, which supports up to 120 kg in weight and fits a leaning forwards position. For riders with a height of 155–200 cm, we recommend the agile VanMoof X3, which supports the same weight but offers a more upright riding position.

But of course, both of our city bikes’ seats and handlebars can be adjusted to perfectly fit your height. You’ll have a handy guide on how to adjust the height of your bike in the set up manual that comes with your e-bike.

VanMoof X3

1. Seat tube: 500 mm 2. Top tube: 558 mm 3. Top tube diameter: 50 mm 4. Head tube: 275 mm 5. Wheel base: 1060 mm 6. Standover height: 712 mm 7. Diagonal tube: 770 mm 8. Diagonal tube diameter: 65 mm 9. Handlebar width: 680 mm 10. Total length: 1669 mm 11. Seat post diameter: 34 mm

Find your perfect fit

Ready to join the ride but not sure which bike size to go for? You need to know two measurements to help you find a bike that fits like a dream: your height and your leg inseam length.

Your inside leg measurement is crucial in determining which frame is right for you, so make sure you take this measurement precisely. Not sure how to measure your inseam? Measure down to the bottom of your leg from the inside leg starting at the crotch. That’s your inseam length!

VanMoof S3

1. Seat tube: 587 mm 2.Top tube: 615 mm 3. Top tube diameter: 59,4 mm 4. Head tube: 153 mm 5. Wheel base: 1113 mm 6. Standover height: 862 mm 7. Diagonal tube: 770 mm 8. Diagonal tube diameter: 65 mm 9. Handlebar width: 650 mm 10. Total length: 1825 mm 11. Seat post diameter: 34 mm

Try us out for size

You might be somewhere in between our two frames – that’s okay too. If you want some advice, we’d be happy to help you choose the e-bike that fits you best – just come by one of our locations and we’ll get you kitted out.

And we get it – when it comes to our bikes, you have to ride it to believe it. So if you’re still not 100% sure which bike will fit you best, book a test ride at one of our locations to try the VanMoof S3 & X3 out for size.