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5 maintenance tips for every VanMoof rider: From wheel safety to handlebar adjustments – we’ve got you covered

5 maintenance tips for every VanMoof rider

Whether you ride every other day, several times a day, or prefer longer weekend rides – bike maintenance is key for a happy and healthy bike, and for the safety of its rider. That’s where our tips and tricks come in handy. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for every electrified VanMoof bike. Got your VanMoof toolbox to hand? Let’s get started.

1. Chain Lubrication

Did you know that it’s best to lubricate your chain every two to three months to keep that ride super smooth? Well, here’s your reminder. All you need to do is grab the chain lubrication that’s included in your toolbox and a cloth (if you’ve run out of chain lubrication then any from a good bike shop will do). First step – turn your bike upside down. Then, lubricate the chain via the hole in the plastic drive chain cover. While lubricating the chain, push the pedals backwards and repeat this a couple of times, use the cloth to wipe off any excess lubricant. Voilà – you’re ready to ride.

Check out the tutorial here.

2. Handlebar spacers

The height of your handlebar can drastically change the experience of your ride. So, whether you want a sporty feel or prefer an upright, comfortable riding position, first look to your handlebars. In your toolbox, you’ll find two handlebar spacers which you can use to raise your handlebars. As the instructions are different depending on what kind of VanMoof e-bike you have, we’d recommend checking our FAQ. Be aware that the maximum amount of spacers you can use is two – if you use any more it will affect the wiring and performance of the bike.

Check out the tutorial here.

3. Saddle height

It’s important to find the correct saddle height as not only can this result in uncomfortable rides, but also more serious issues like knee and back pain. As a general rule, your saddle should be at the same height as your hip to get as much peddle power as possible. If you want to investigate what saddle height suits you best then all you need is aTorx 30 which you can find in your toolbox.

Check out the tutorial here.

4. Wheel tightness

Regardless of what your commute looks like, we’d advise to check the tightness of your wheels once a month to make sure that your bike is performing as it should, as well as your safety. For this, you’ll need the anti-theft wrench and nut tool that is found in – yep, you guessed it – your VanMoof toolbox. Check both sides of the front fork and rear dropout, the anti-nut should sit in the center of both the dropouts. If you need a helping hand, make sure to check our videos on front wheel assembly and rear wheel assembly.

5. Reset

Sometimes we all just need a reset, and it’s no different for your VanMoof. In the words of every IT team, ever – try turning it off, and turning it back on again if your bike has an error code or isn’t working the way that it should.The way to reset your bike properly depends on the bike you have – for the VanMoofS3 & X3, press the button underneath the top tube for 8 seconds. If you have a S2 or X2, reset the bike with a pen, and for our classic S1, turn it on and off via the button underneath the top tube.

With these five tips, nothing can stand in your way of your next bike ride – wherever that may be.

Check out the tutorial here.

Want to pamper your bike the right way? Discover more tips and tricks on our FAQ.