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3 Tips For Your VanMoof Winter Ride

3 Tips For Your VanMoof Winter Ride

Baby, it's freezing outside! That means cold fingers and icy saddles. But as a die-hard VanMoofer, you’ll hop on your bike instead of in the car or public transport, right?

Of course you will, because our battle-tested electric bikes aren’t afraid of a little bad weather either. That said, your VanMoof rides best with a bit of extra winter love. Here are three tips to keep it (and you) in pristine condition during the colder months.

Salt and dirt

First up, cleaning your bike after a salty, muddy winter ride. Your VanMoof is built with as many aluminum and rust-resistant parts as possible, but some parts are a little more sensitive to salt and grit than others. If you ride every day, give your bike a weekly wipe-down with some good old water and soap. Our Bike Doctors also recommend greasing your chain once a month with a wax-based lubricant.


Even if you’re an experienced speed demon, take it down a notch and go slow. Snow and ice are reaaaaally slippery, and even on a 2-wheel drive beast like the VanMoof S3 & X3, it’s way safer to take that sharp turn at a more moderate pace. Not just that, but you’ll make your ride more comfortable by reducing the windchill factor. Your frozen nose will thank you, trust us.

Battery care

Here’s the thing: batteries are total babies when it comes to cold conditions. The colder it is, the less efficient they get. The battery drains a bit quicker and the turbo boost can feel slightly less awesome, because it simply can’t deliver as much usable energy as it does when it’s warmer. So take it slow when you start your ride. Riding on a lower power assist level for the first few minutes will give your battery a chance to warm up properly.

To protect its lifetime, a VanMoof S3 & X3 battery can't charge below 0 °C / 32 °F. That’s why it’s better to park your bike inside at room temperature when temperatures outside hit an extreme low — it’ll charge better and take you farther on those chilly winter rides. If you do park it outdoors in the cold, just make sure the battery isn't totally empty.

And if you happen to be one of those lucky ducks who escapes the winter on a tropical vacation, don't forget about giving your bike a staycation: its battery will be happiest if you don't leave it outside for a long time without riding/charging.

Okay, kids, no excuses now. Get out there and enjoy that winter ride!

Second image courtesy of Marko Savic

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