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Winter biking made easy: Three tips for winter-proofing your ride.

Winter biking made easy: Three tips for winter-proofing your ride.

Baby, it's cold outside! You might be wondering if you can ride an e-bike in the winter. And we have some good news: our rigorously-tested city bikes aren’t afraid of a little bad weather, making them one of the best electric bikes for winter riding. That said, your VanMoof will work best in the winter if you show it a little extra love during the colder months. And as a die-hard VanMoof rider, you’re always up for hopping on your bike instead of in the car, right? Here are three tips to keep your e-bike in pristine condition in the winter.

Want to prepare your e-bike for winter conditions? Two words: soap and water.

Our first tip to help you keep your e-bike safe and in shape in the winter is to clean your bike after a muddy winter bike ride. As well as dirtying your bike, mud contains salt. And while your VanMoof is built with as many aluminum and rust-resistant parts as possible, some parts are a little more sensitive to salt and grit than others. If you ride every day, give your bike a weekly wipe-down with some water and soap. Our Bike Doctors also recommend greasing your chain once a month with the oil that comes in your toolbox.

How to make sure your e-bike is safe for winter commuting

Wondering if you need different tires for the winter months? Or whether it’s even safe to ride your e-bike while conditions are less than perfect? Well, our advice, even if you’re an experienced speed demon, is to take it down a notch and go slower than you usually would. It’s no surprise that snow and ice can cause accidents, and even on a two-wheel drive beast like the VanMoof S3 & X3, it’s way safer to take that sharp turn at a more moderate pace. Not just that, but you’ll make your ride more comfortable by reducing the windchill factor. Your frozen nose will thank you – trust us.

How to look after your e-bike’s battery in winter

Where you store your bike in the winter is mostly a matter of choice. But, to protect its lifetime, a VanMoof S3 & X3 battery can't charge below 0 °C/32 °F. That’s why it’s even better to store your bike inside at room temperature when temperatures outside hit an extreme low — it’ll charge better and take you further on those winter rides. If you prefer storing your e-bike outside, just make sure the battery isn't totally empty.

And if you happen to be one of those lucky ones who escapes the winter on a tropical vacation, don't forget about giving your bike a staycation: its battery will be happiest if you don't leave it outside for a long time without riding or charging it. If you do need to store your bike for a longer period, make sure its battery is charged to at least 80%. Because here’s the thing: batteries are not the biggest fan of cold conditions. The colder it is, the less efficient they get. The battery drains a bit quicker and the Turbo Boost can feel slightly less punchy, because it simply can’t deliver as much usable energy as it does when it’s warmer. So take it slow when you start your ride. Riding on a lower power assist level for the first few minutes will give your battery a chance to warm up properly.

Okay then riders, you’re all out of excuses. Get out there and enjoy that winter ride.

Find out about more tips and tricks to keep your bike and its battery in perfect condition and [via our Support page].

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