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VanMoof Lease plan

Lease the Electrified S2 or X2 from €69 per month.

Discover how

Private lease

Choose between our next-gen Electrified S2 & X2 – both pack the same motor, battery and smart tech into sleek unisex frames. Effortlessly arranged with our partner Friesland Lease from €79 a month. Learn about private lease

Business lease

Optimized for you – or your team – lease plans include unlimited maintenance, repairs, and theft protection as standard. Now you can lease the Electrified S2 & X2 completely hassle-free, start from €69 a month per employee.

Learn about business lease
Who is the new scheme for?
The new lease plan is intended for companies (from large multinationals to SMEs or freelancers) who want to inspire their employees to leave the car and travel to work in a greener, healthier and more pleasant way.
What does it mean for me as an employee?
With the new bike plan you pay a 7% addition to the purchase value of the bike, and you therefore ride an electric bike for a fixed amount per month. In practice, if your employer pays for the bike in full, this means that you can ride an electric VanMoof bike for around €7.50 per month.
I am a freelancer, is the new scheme also beneficial for me?
Hell yes. Firstly, you don't have to purchase an expensive company car for your sole trader because you can lease an electric bike for a relatively low amount. In addition, you can also use the bike for private purposes, provided that you use the 7% addition rule, and you cycle without stress as all maintenance and theft insurance are included.
How can I request a VanMoof lease bike?
Very easily. Choose whether you want to lease privately or for business, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the options. As soon as you have decided which model and which term you want, we sign the agreement together and arrange everything else. Super simple!
Is there a minimum number of bikes required to participate in the VanMoof Lease Plan?
No. You can take advantage of this plan with 1 bicycle. If you leave your information, we will contact you to discuss the details!

Join the global brands who roll with us

VanMoof Company Bikes are designed for the world's greatest brands, supporting our mission to get the world riding.

BNP Paribas Real Estate

'The Electrified struck a chord with our DNA - it's a Dutch-designed product that's really enjoyable to ride.'

General FAQ

What exactly does the new lease plan entail?
To increase the use of the bikes, the Dutch government has decided to make the tax rules on leasing a bike easier and more fiscally attractive. As of January 1st, 2020, you only pay 7% for the private use of a bike that you lease through your employer.
What if the bike breaks or needs maintenance?
We make our products as city-proof as possible, but if your bike needs some extra love, take it to the nearest VanMoof brand store. Our Bike Doctors will repair your electric bike for free under the VanMoof Lease Plan.
What if my bike is stolen?
Under the new lease plan theft protection is included in your monthly payment so rest assured we’ve got your back in case your bike gets stolen. Just use the VanMoof app to flag your bike has been stolen and obtain a police report.
Who do the bikes belong to?
Within the VanMoof Lease Plan, VanMoof remains the owner of the bikes, so that the user can continue to ride carefree. No stress about a high purchase value, maintenance, or if your bike gets stolen. If you want to take over the bike at the end of the term, that's an option we're happy to discuss.
What durations are possible for the lease term?
We can offer lease periods of 12, 24 and 36 months.
Is it possible to include accessories in the lease agreement?
No, unfortunately not. You will need to purchase the accessories separately, online or in our brand stores.
How much does the VanMoof Lease Plan cost?
We offer different contracts for our Electrified S2 and X2 bicycles with different durations, from €69 per bike per month.
The previous conditions
Under the old laws, employees had to pay taxes on every kilometer they rode privately on their bikes, but service costs, insurance and repairs were deductible. Many companies did not want to spend time doing all those calculations Fortunately that has now changed, because cycling is good for the environment, your health and your wallet.
The new bike lease scheme
To promote bike use in commuter traffic, the same laws apply from the 1st of January as those for lease cars. In other words: as a company you now pay a fixed amount each month and the employee pays an addition for the bike - only 7%!
Cost of the lease bike
This means that for an Electrified X2 (which has a market value of €3,398), you as an employer pay a contribution of €69 per month. The addition for the employee is therefore 7% of the market value, or €237.86 per year. Depending on the the tax bracket, the actual net costs are considerably lower. Based on the average tax rate of 37.35%, the employee pays €88.84 per year, so €7.40 per month. This amount is settled via the income tax.
Benefits for the employer
The lease bike fits perfectly in a sustainable mobility policy. In addition to this, parking costs can be saved and research shows that cyclists are more healthy. Employees who commute to work by bike take on average 1 - 2 less sick days and are therefore more productive.
Attractive benefits
Perhaps the most important benefit for the employer is the fact that our own research shows that employees see a lease bike as a very attractive secondary employment condition. 70% of respondents said they would recommended their employer as a great place to work because of the VanMoof cycle plan.
The Work Costs Scheme (WKR)
Every employer can give their employees an untaxed allowance through the WKR. For example; tools, sports subscriptions or Christmas packages. In 2020 this allowance is 1.7% of the employees wage. Previously the bike was included in this allowance. However with the new bicycle scheme, the employer can offer a lease bike and use the WKR for other reimbursements.
How exactly does the new bicycle plan work for employers?
From January 1st 2020, as an employer you can offer your employees a business bike through the new legislation. If your employee pays the initial amount, the bike does not have to cost you anything as an employer. Your employee will then still enjoy a huge tax benefit. You also encourage greener mobility and save on parking costs, fuel and mileage allowances.